Obtained his Ph.D. (2000) in Economics in the areas of Public Choice/Public Finance. He taught at various universities at both undergraduate and graduate courses in economics and business. He has presented peer-reviewed papers in many academic conferences and most recently about housing and economic development. He has also published articles in peer-reviewed journals. He had firsthand knowledge on how the federal and local governments’ partnership spur development at the grassroots by working in the department of Planning and Development, in a City government. There, Dr. Enajero complemented his academic background in public choice/public finance with practical real world experience. His book, collective Institutions in Industrialized Nations: Economic Lessons for Africa illustrates how historical and modern public choice (political economy), is imperative element for socio-economic development. Collectivism, however, is missing in the historical and modern African societies.
Samuel Enajite Enajero, Ph.D., Founder, AAFEE