Registered members have the privilege to submit their written articles for the board of editors to download and review for publication on Related Books & Articles page or Published Articles.
Instructions for Authors
  1. Call for Papers on institutions and economic prosperity in Africa. Papers are to examine some core values (historical or contemporary institutions) that are resulted to present days’ economic conditions in Africa. Please email your finished papers to the [email protected].. Papers will go through the process of two-blind reviewers. Please submit a cover page with your name separate from the manuscript without your name. Please follow the APA style of writing, citing and referencing. Check for spelling and grammar before submission. Historians, Psychologists, Sociologists, Philosophers (Religion), Educators, Urban Planners, Architects, Political Scientists, Economists and related disciplines are especially asked to submit papers. Accepted papers will be published on the “Books & Articles” page.
  2. For more knowledge about institutions, please read Collective Institutions in Industrialized Nations: Economic Lessons for Africa.”
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