For more than sixty years since independence, economic development models in African nations are macroeconomics based––money and banking and global economics. These models at best, are fictitious and are tantamount to what some economists described as economics of “manna from heaven.” Economic development models that target prices of local natural resources exchanged for hard reserve currencies. Natural resources and reserve currencies are not economic agents, people are the economic agents and development programs should target the people. Provide enabling institutions at the grassroots capable of mobilizing this important economic agent.

The vision of this association is to construct alternative development program for some African nations to attain middle income status with per capita gross domestic product (GDP per capita) up to $12,000-15,000 within 2-3 years, and African nations that supplement or apply this alternative model would aspire to become among developed nations within 10-15 years. Africa nations possess enough resources to eliminate poverty and become fast growing nations. They are, however, retarded by wrong scientific approach to economic development. Evolutionary economics approach to development based on institutional changes would be the proper route. What are institutions and what are the appropriate public policies that could stoke institutional changes and create dynamic societies in Africa? That will be the focus of this association.


The purpose of this website is for those interested in African affairs to delve into some African values (zero order institutions) and write papers on how these institutions enable or retard changes at the first order institutions and thus economic development*. Papers will be published on the “published articles” page.

Mainstream theories in Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy and other social sciences are approached with the ultimate quest for theoretical convergence. Many disciplines, including economics, seek to converge to biological Darwinism, therefore, imply in their teaching that core values are biological. Institutional economists, however, believe values can be destroyed and replaced––the old principles of “creative destruction.” Institutionalists view mainstream economic development models to be distractions from the true path of rapid economic development.

The goal of this website is to provide a platform for peer-reviewed academic articles, also be a forum for informal discussions about institutional changes and African economic development. We need to explore African core institutions, especially at the zero order, that stand as obstacles to rapid economic development. Moreover, institutions at the 2nd order are enabling institutions and at this stage in the history of African nations, how best can we apply these institutions to induce changes at the 1st order where real development takes place? We need Historians, Psychologists, Sociologists, Philosophers (Religion), Educators, Urban Planners, Architects, Political Scientists, Economists, Financial Analysts, etc. to build models that are centered on African institutions. Please see instructions for submission. “See Enajero’s article titled: “Africa and Development: ‘Rational Choice’ or ‘Institutional Rationality?’ on Published Article Page*.

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